At NorthCreek, Your Personal “Dream Home” Can Be Realized

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Imagine designing your own home as if you were working on a blank canvas. You would be in complete control, deciding on everything from the floorplan to your own custom finishes and special features. This opportunity doesn’t exist in most residential projects, where the developers provide standardized layouts and designs to buyers, with a handful of options for finishing out the space. It’s their vision for what your home can become, not your own.

At the ultra-exclusive NorthCreek residences in Cherry Creek North, the developers found that there was a segment of buyers who wanted the opportunity to design and customize their own home, completely. This demand was especially evident among those who were downsizing from larger estates – in places such as Cherry Hills – and wanted to create the finest and most comfortable urban living experience possible, on their own terms.

Based on this demand, NorthCreek made “core and shell” spaces available to buyers. The completely open and unfinished residences provided buyers with an opportunity to pursue their own vision, without having other people’s perceptions determine their living space.

“There is limited inventory for this truly unique opportunity, and once they’re gone, nothing else will be constructed quite like NorthCreek,” noted David Steel of Western Development Group, the developers of NorthCreek.

“The core and shell spaces at NorthCreek give people complete freedom and the ability to turn their home into their own personal showcase,” says Steve Diamond of Denver-based Diamond Homes (, a high-end home design and construction company which has worked directly with several NorthCreek buyers to help them realize their personal vision. “We’ve been able to help people plan for very special aspects and elements of their home, such as creating a ‘gallery’ for their art collections, elegant areas for entertaining and state-of-the-art kitchens for culinary artists who love to cook. It really is a special and unique offering to those who have the time and inclination to design the home they truly want.”

At NorthCreek, the sales team can help you to identify a designer and builder who will become your own private contractor. The team will be able to work with you to realize your goals and expectations, identify the very best resources for finding the materials and finishes you want, nail down costs and complete construction drawings. Most importantly, they will listen to you and your direction, so that the home you’ve always dreamed of will become reality.

“There is a tremendous amount of joy and satisfaction that comes from being part of a team, having a vision and seeing it come to life,” says Diamond. “There’s nothing like planning and designing your own home. It truly is your own.”

NorthCreek: A Cornerstone for Future Growth and Vision

Denver Post

NorthCreek, among the most exclusive residential developments in the Denver metro area, is looking forward to another successful year following 12 months during which the development closed on a number of residential sales, neared full occupancy of its retail space and served as an important anchor to the new Fillmore Plaza.

Developed by Western Development Group, which has plans to invest an additional $100 million into Cherry Creek North with its new 250 Columbine project, NorthCreek has established itself as a prime example of the successful evolution and growth of Cherry Creek North.

The sale of seven new properties, including a prominent brownstone residence; The opening of True Food Kitchen (, which has rapidly become a Denver dining destination; and Anchoring the new Fillmore Plaza in Cherry Creek North, which serves as the gateway to the classic Denver neighborhood.

“NorthCreek has found its place as a cornerstone for the continued growth and success of Cherry Creek North,” said David Steel of Western Development Group. “There are undeniable opportunities to continue to shape the district into a very special place and further enhance the shine of what is truly a Colorado gem. We’re very proud to be an important component of the future growth and vision of Cherry Creek North.”

More positive news is pending for NorthCreek, including significant retail announcements and the expected closing of additional residential sales.

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NorthCreek: A Cornerstone for Future Growth and Vision

Brownstone Living in Denver

Denver Post

The warmth, style, and charm of brownstone architecture, prevalent in big East Coast cities like New York, Boston, and Philadelphia, has steadily established a foothold in Denver.

Savvy developers in the Denver metro area have recognized the growing demand for “brownstone living” and many have been built to meet the demand.

Some of the city’s most prominent brownstones are located at the ultra-exclusive NorthCreek property in Cherry Creek North. A row of finely built brownstones, all constructed using Colorado sandstone, line Fillmore Plaza, and provide a person who is fascinated with the architecture and history of living in a brownstone with everything they could hope for. Stoops, outdoor terraces, a private entrance, well-appointed gardens, a private courtyard and leisurely walks to some of Denver’s best restaurants, art galleries and high-end shops maximize the value of the NorthCreek brownstone’s outdoor space. Inside residents enjoy the best architecture and finishes, private elevators and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

What is so alluring about brownstones? There is no easy answer, but considering their romantic history and special architecture, it’s understandable why so many people seek them out.

As described by, the emergence of the brownstone dates to New York’s early history. In the period prior to the 1830′s, most of the row houses being constructed in New York had either brick or wood façades. Alternatives such as marble existed, but these were far too costly for most homeowners to consider, especially since the stone had to be cut by hand and transported long distances.

With the growth of the New Urban middle class came a desire for something more sophisticated in the appearance than simple brick and more durable than wood. Brownstone, a type of sandstone, was readily available from quarries in New Jersey and Connecticut. A form of sedimentary rock which frequently contains fossilized footprints of prehistoric animals, it owed its unique dark brown color to high concentrations of iron, which turned color with exposure to water.

Using barges, it could be shipped easily to New York, where it quickly became popular. In Brooklyn, brownstone houses could be found anywhere from Bedford-Stuyvesant to Brooklyn Heights and Carroll Gardens. Houses themselves were not constructed of brownstone, but rather a veneer less than a foot thick was placed on the front of each home, which was actually constructed of brick. The mark of a good brownstone mason was his ability to cut and assemble the blocks of a façade so carefully that it almost appeared to be a single mass of stone.

Today, Manhattan’s Upper West Side and Harlem neighborhood’s are known for attractive brownstones. Brownstones have also long lined urban streets in Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and many other American cities. Today brownstones are finding a home in Denver, where the unique form and design is finding prominence at locations such as NorthCreek in Cherry Creek North.

Browstone Living in Denver

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